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The explanation of the all the Meta-tags

Take a look at the list with all the meta-tags. Each meta-tag is clickable for extra information and details.

<meta name="generator" content="programma">
A description of the program with which your site is build.

<meta name="description" content="text">
A description of your website in 3 of 4 sentences.


<meta name="keywords" content="text">
The keywords under which you wish your website to be found.


<meta name="language" content="english">
The language used on your website.


<meta name="copyright" content="text">
The owner copyright of the pictures and text used on your website.


<meta name="web_author" content="text">
The name of the person or company that has created your website.


<meta name="reply-to" content="email adres">
The main e-mail address of the webmaster.


<meta name="robots" content="selection">
How far do you allow robots to spider through your website.


<meta name="revisit-after" content="periode">
How often do you want the spiders to come back and index your website again.


<meta name="googlebot" content="noodp">
Remove the old meta description tag from Google.


<meta http-equiv="naam" content="value">
There are several:


A few less known meta-tags, but they are quite clear what they do:

<META NAME="Identifier-URL" CONTENT="">
<META NAME="distribution" CONTENT="Global">
<META NAME="note" CONTENT="place extra keywords">
<META NAME="subject" CONTENT="the subject of your website">
<META NAME="Copyright" CONTENT="your companyname">
<META NAME="contactName" CONTENT="Mrs. E. xample">
<META NAME="contactOrganization" CONTENT="Jansen BV">
<META NAME="contactStreetAddress1" CONTENT="Montreal Blv 1">
<META NAME="contactZipcode" CONTENT="1234">
<META NAME="contactCity" CONTENT="Halifax">
<META NAME="contactCountry" CONTENT="Canada">
<META NAME="contactPhoneNumber" CONTENT="+31 20 5566778">
<META NAME="contactFaxNumber" CONTENT="+31 20 5566779">
<META NAME="contactNetworkAddress" CONTENT="<">
<META NAME="linkage" CONTENT="">
<META NAME="dc.language" CONTENT="CA">
<META NAME="dc.source" CONTENT="">
<META NAME="dc.relation" CONTENT=">/">
<META NAME="dc.title" CONTENT="A title">
<META NAME="dc.keywords" CONTENT="more keywoords">
<META NAME="dc.subject" CONTENT="the content">
<META NAME="dc.description" CONTENT="Extra description">

Google uses several meta-tags. The first one is to avoid that a webpage is submitted to the cache of a search engine. The cache is een archived version of a webpage that is stored in the Google index. This makes that it's possible to show a webpage that is for a certain reason not available on the original website. If you will avoid that the archivefunction is used place the following tag:


This tag can be used by all the search engines. Especially for Google you can replace the word 'robots' by 'Googlebot'. Google also shows a small piece of text of the page in their results. These textfragments can be kept out of the Google database by adding the following tag:


The search engine offers more options to remove more pages out of their index or even to (quickly) submit your site.


Meta-tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

We suggest that you use the Meta-tags in your index.htm or index.html page. Than in all other important pages and last but not least in all the pages of your website. Make sure to put some extra effort in it, it will attract extra visitors to your webpage. Create relevant different meta-tags for each and every page.

  1. Read why meta-tags are important and how they affect the search engines.
  2. Use our meta-tags generator to create the correct meta-tags.
  3. Use our website analyzer to get professional advice from the meta-tags experts.
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